What is CBD Isolate?

What is CBD Isolate?

We have talked about full spectrum CBD. But that instantly raises questions about another popular form of CBD “What is CBD Isolate?”

For people new to CBD its yet another terminology that you may not understand as with many of the technical terms that surround CBD supplements. Just like full spectrum, the term isolate sounds like some technobabble you’d find in a science lab, but it’s actually quite simple.

Read on to get an understanding.... 

What Does Isolate Mean?

We mentioned this in the last post, but its worth repeating. To sell any CBD products legally in the UK, we have to use cannabidiol that’s been processed. That’s because all CBD comes from the hemp plant. You might be familiar with hemp, and with the chemical THC. That’s a psychoactive chemical that gets you high if you smoke it. So to sell CBD made from hemp, it needs to be treated and processed to remove the illegal compound and concentrate the legal ones.

Where different types of CBD differ is just how much they’ve been processed. After all, you might need to remove all of the THC from the hemp, but there are hundreds of other compounds in hemp (called cannabinoids) that aren’t illegal, aren’t psychoactive, and aren’t CBD.

Isolate just means that the CBD has been treated to the point that everything but the CBD has been removed from the final product. It’s pure, concentrated cannabidiol, with none of the extra compounds that you might find in a less processed, full spectrum product.

It couldn't be simpler! CBD isolate is CBD that’s been isolated from all of the other natural compounds in the plant.

But just because it’s purer, does that mean that it’s better?

Is Isolate Better than Full Spectrum CBD?

The million dollar question everyone asks! Let’s repeat that famous disclaimer. We’re still in the early years of CBD products, and that means that while there’s lots and lots of anecdotal evidence from people claiming that various types of CBD have helped them feel better, there isn’t much in-depth scientific research.

So we can’t turn round and say that this type of CBD is better, or that it can treat this, or that it can do that.

What that means is that we’ll have to share the findings and claims of CBD advocates from all over the world, and leave you to make your own decisions about whether a CBD isolate is the right product for you.

When it comes to isolate, one thing advocates and scientists alike can agree on is that it’s the purest form of CBD. It doesn’t contain any terpenes or other compounds – and definitely no THC. That means that it can be quickly absorbed into the body, especially when it’s inhaled making it safe to vape

That makes CBD isolate perfect for use in vaping devices. Because when it comes to your lungs, you really don’t want to inhale anything that contains a rough mish-mash of unidentified plant compounds.

With CBD isolate eliquids, you know exactly what you’re getting. Pure CBD, pure VG, pure PG and food-safe flavourings (and for more information on those compounds, keep an eye out for our post on CBD vapes).

Try an Isolate CBD Eliquid for Yourself

We carry a few products that use CBD isolates. The biggest seller is our isolate CBD booster its flavourless so you can simply add this to any of your existing E Liquids. Because isolate is a “purer” form of cannabidiol, it’s safe for use in an ecigarette, and allows vapers to add a touch of CBD wellbeing to their daily routine.

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