What Is CBD E Liquid? Is it Safe to Vape?

CBD Eliquid Explained.

More and more Brits are turning to vaping either as a hobby or as an aid to quitting smoking. And more and more Brits are turning to CBD to improve their own feelings of health and wellbeing. So it’s only natural that many people are beginning to combine the two with CBD eliquid.

What is CBD Eliquid?

E liquid is the fluid that you place in the tank of an electronic cigarette (aka a vape or ecig). This liquid is then heated by a coil in the tank and turned into a vapour which you then inhale, similarly to the way that you’d inhale a cigarette or cigar.

What makes CBD liquid different to the eliquids you’ll find at a high street vape shop is that instead of containing any nicotine, these liquids contain cannabidiol – CBD.

CBD is a compound that’s extracted from the leaves and flowers of hemp plants grown for medicinal or nutritional purposes. This isn’t the compound of a hemp leaf which has any psychoactive properties. Instead, it is believed to improve your wellbeing, and medical tests are ongoing to discover whether CBD is effective in the treatment of ailments ranging from anxiety to arthritis.

What Does CBD E Liquid taste and Smell like? 

So firstly there are three types of CBD and they have very different characteristics. CBD Isolate is a tastless form of CBD it also has no smell. When this is mixed with vape juice you will not smell of taste the CBD whilst still getting all the benefits. 

Broad & Full Spectrum CBD also contains several terpene extracts, naturally occurring components of the plants themselves. These ensure an authentic taste and smell. These E liquids will taste and smell strongly of Skunk so bare this in mind as the smell is not socially acceptable and could be confused with actual cannabis use. 

How is CBD Eliquid Made?

Our CBD eliquids contain a few ingredients, some of which you may be unfamiliar with:

  • CBD-rich hemp extract
  • Food-grade flavourings
  • Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Let’s explore these ingredients one at a time.

The reason you’ll buy a CBD eliquid is because of that CBD-rich hemp extract. Using a range of extraction methods, similar to the way you’d make a herbal or plant extract, food scientists remove the CBD from a paste made of the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, leaving behind a range of other compounds including the illegal THC.

The next thing you’ll find in an eliquid is flavourings. These are the same food-safe flavourings you’ll find in a packet of sweets, or in your favourite ice-cream.

Next come the PG and VG.

PG is the ingredient that gives vapour its texture and “throat hit,” and that lets the flavours and the CBD dissolve and vaporise.

VG is the ingredient that gives vapour its thickness and mouthfeel, and that creates the big clouds.

All of these ingredients are combined in a vape lab by chemists in clean suits, who’ll test every single batch for safety, quality and compliance with laws and guidelines.

Is Vaping Safe?

Many non-vapers worry about how safe vaping is. All we know is that Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation say that vaping is far safer than smoking. Read our "Is it safe to vape" blog for more information. 

As our E liquids don’t contain addictive nicotine, they should be even safer than a standard E liquid. That said you can still add Nicotine to your CBD E Liquid. 

How Do You Use CBD Eliquid?

You use a CBD eliquid exactly the same way as you’d use any other eliquid. Add it to the tank of your preferred vaping device, allow the liquid to soak into the wick, and then press the power button on your device and inhale!

As with all supplements, start off on a lower dose and use it sparingly. Always listen to your body. And slowly increase your dosage over a number of days / weeks. 

Hopefully this has answered a few questions about CBD E Liquid. But if you have any other questions, you can always pick up the phone.