What are the best Dessert flavoured E - Liquids to buy in 2021

Your vaping experience comes down to the flavour and quality of the vape juice you find. With so many varieties available to buy from the UK and a constant stream of new ones being created every day, finding the right vape E juice is no easy task.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference but I will try and steer you in the right direction. I have tried a large number of juices from some of the best brands and manufacturer's in the UK. 

For most Vapers, it's a never-ending journey and endless trying different brands from different manufacturers. It can be bit of a minefield no one wants to buy 100ml of juice and not enjoy it! This doesn't have to happen to you! finding the best vape juice is about getting some sound advice. 

Dessert e-liquid offers perhaps one of the most extensive ranges of flavours in vaping, replicating popular puddings, pastry delights and sweet treats. Due to their often rich and sweet taste, this type of e-liquid is a huge hit amongst vapers and usually grow in popularity during the colder months of the year. This isn’t to say dessert blends aren’t tasty during summer, with many vapers strictly sticking to dessert e-liquid and nothing else - no matter what month it is.

Dessert blends offer the most variety of any type of e-liquid flavour from straightforward vanilla to complex bakery fusions such as banoffee pie and apple strudel. We’re always being asked what are the best dessert flavours which is why we figured this top 10 list could be of use for many users.

Here is our top 10 dessert e-liquids countdown:

1. Greedy Bear - Chubby Cheese Cake

I first tried this juice at the London Vaper Expo back in 2019, produced by the Vape Distillery from Kent who also make Fresh Vape.  This liquid instantly impressed a delicious combination of fresh Strawberry & Dragon fruit with creamy cheesecake & biscuit. Its been the best selling flavour from this range or liquids customers keep coming back for more. 

2. Joe's Juice - Cookie Dough 

Many have tried and failed, E Liquids with Chocolate in them can be a bit hit and miss but the Joe's Juice team have nailed this one it's good enough to eat! Enjoy the unbeatable flavour of a homemade cookie dough with hints of chocolate chips and a sprinkle of extra sugar.

3. Sad Boy - Key Lime Cookie 

Keeping on the Cookie theme going... Sad Boy is an American Brand of E liquid who have a range of both Fruity and Dessert flavour liquids. A fresh-out-of-the-oven key lime cookie with the perfect tangy sweet blend.The inhale is a delectable citrusy key lime with notes of golden cookie crumbles that dance on your tongue. The exhale turns up the tangy sweetness of the lime while you finish your vape with a tremendous cloud.

4. Cotton & Cable - Eton Mess 

5. Dr Vapes Black Creamy Tobacco 

6. PUD - Cinnamon Bun 

7. Cuttwood - Unicorn Milk 

8. Kilo - Birthday Cake 

9. Wick Liquor - Kurimu Yoghurt Miyako Apricot 

10. Kingston - Raspberry Blackcurrant Doughnut 

Buying the wrong vape juice flavour can make or break your vaping experience. While taste is subjective I hope my suggestions help you on your search for finding the best e-liquid and vape juice flavours available in the UK.  If you're still unsure, check out our full collection of 50ml shortfill's from some of the UK's most established and premium e-liquid and vape juice brands or pick up the phone and I will do my best to please your taste buds.