What are Geekbars? Why are they so popular? All Your Geekbar Questions answered

Geekbar Disposable Vapes have exploded onto the market but what are they and are they safe to use? 

I was sent 20 Geekbar's around 4 months ago, I didn't sell any disposables due to the environmental impact. I gave them out to my customers and within a few days people were enquiring about them so due to popular demand I started stocking them. 

Who makes Geekbars?

The devices made by one of the biggest Vape manufactures in the world GeekVape so you can be sure that you are buying a quality device. 

Who makes the E Liquid inside a Geekbar?

One of the best things about the Geekbars is the E Liquid Flavour, they have done an amazing job and that is a major factor in why they are so popular. The actual E - Liquid inside the bar is rumored to be made by Hangsen who have factories in China, USA & Europe. 

What are Geekbars?

 A disposable vape pod device that comes pre-refilled with 2ml or 2% or 20mg of nicotine salt & flavoured E Liquid and a built in 500mAh high voltage battery. There in no on and off switch thanks to the auto draw function, you just puff on it to activate the vapour delivery. They are compact stylish and can easily be carried in a pocket or hand bag.

There are now 2 new variations available Geekbar Lite which is a smaller 1.8ml of liquid and a 400mAh battery 2% Nic. Geekbar Pro 4.5ml of Liquid and a 850mAh battery its worth pointing out now that the Geekbar Pro is illegal in the UK more on that later... 

Are Geekbars Safe to use? 

All vaping products are designed to be used for people over the age of 18 so they should not be used by minors. They would have also undergone testing and passed the European TPD regulations that ensure safety. However we would never recommend starting to use a Nicotine product if you have never smoked or vaped before because it is an addictive substance and you will quickly become dependant on the Nicotine. 

Leading health organisations including theNHS, Royal College of General Practitioners, British Medical Association and Cancer Research UK agree that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking. Based on the currently available evidence, Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians estimate they are at least 95% less harmful that smoking. 

Who should use a Geekbar?

Geekbars are great for someone wanting to give up smoking because they are simple to use and quite cheap compared to buying a vape kit in the short term. The Nic Salt E Liquid is recommended for 1st time users. That said I have a number of customers who use them because they don't want to risk damaging or loosing their expensive Vape Kit on a night out or whist at work. 

How Long do Geekbars Last?

The device claims to deliver over 575 puffs but this will depend on how hard and long each puff you take on it. The battery is designed to have enough capacity to out last the E Liquid. They have one of the highest puff counts in comparison to other disposables devices. 

How many Cigarettes are Equivalent to a Geekbar??

The Geekbar delivers at least 575 puffs, this is a rough equivalent of up to 40 cigarettes.

Do Geekbars have Nicotine?

The device is filled with Nic Salt which delivers a higher dose of Nicotine without the throat hit or burn that you would get from free base nicotine making it the first choice for anyone new to vaping and wanting to give up smoking. The nicotine is also absorbed quickly into the body swiftly taking care of any cravings. 

Are Geekbars Legal in the UK? 

The original Geekbar & Geekbar Lite are Legal to sell in the UK. Geekbar Pro however is Illegal to sell for two reasons because it does not meet the TPD Regulations  this is due to the increased 4.5ml E Liquid Capacity the current limit is 2ml and the higher nicotine content of 50mg the current limit is 20mg. These have been imported illegally without the correct testing. Also with anything that proves to be successful people counterfeit them, you can check the authenticity of you Geekbar on the main website 

What comes after Geekbars? 

We've already seen a number of customers give up the Geekbars, some have stopped smoking altogether but others want to continue using a simple no hassle device so we have recommended the Vaporesso LUXE Q as it has re fillable disposable pods so there is no need to change coils and it also has an auto draw function. With 10ml Nic Salt liquids its going to offer you a more cost effective option going forwards and a bigger selection of flavours and have less impact on the environment. 

As always if you have any other questions pick up the phone and we will be happy to help 


Andy Hawkins