What are CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles explained 

 Enjoyable, straightforward, with clear dosage guides and no need for any additional equipment, it’s easy to see why edibles enjoy such popularity. These products won’t get you ‘high’ in the way people tend to think when they hear the word ‘edible’ as there is hardly any THC the psychoactive found in Cannabis. Unlike the brownies and cakes of popular culture, CBD edibles sold by reputable UK suppliers follow UK safety and standards laws and contain only trace amounts of THC. Without this psychoactive cannabidiol to get in the way, the CBD is free to do its job without having to compete with other compounds.

Of all the many CBD infused products that can be ingested, from cakes and cookies to coffee and chocolates, there’s an edge to production and potential only enjoyed by CBD sweets. In 2021 these are amongst the most popular products in the UK CBD market, sold in virtually every CBD supporting high street shop and available in swathes online. If you’re a CBD enthusiast or you frequent these shopfronts, there’s a good chance you’ve seen them in plenty of shapes and sizes, under hundreds of different brands. So, if you’re thinking about trying CBD sweets, what exactly should you be looking out for? Let’s get into it.


Why should you go for CBD sweets above, say, an oil or E-liquid? Well aside from the hardware requirements of an E-liquid, which if you don’t intend to get into vaping may not be feasible, CBD sweets enjoy a few key advantages over other CBD products.

For starters CBD sweets are ingested, a method of consumption that can be more pleasant for some than vaping or holding drops of oil under the tongue. This also means that edibles are digested before getting to work in your body, a process that makes the dosage of CBD more gradual. This is because the CBD has a low bioavailability, a term meaning that it takes longer to enter your bloodstream. This process, of passing through the stomach and the liver before entering your blood, means that both the eventual CBD hit will be more gradual and any side effects, usually minor fatigue and a slight change in appetite, will be minimised.

The method of oral ingestion also opens up the question of flavour and texture. They taste just like any other sweet, CBD infused sweets have the benefit of a huge range of artificial flavourings, from sours to fruits. They also come in a wide variety of shapes (particularly CBD gummies), being moulded into everything from rings to strawberries, just like any other sweet. This is one reason why manufacturers like them so much: CBD sweets are straightforward to produce, easy to adjust to range of strengths and adaptable to new lines of shapes and flavours with minimal change to the production process. 

This has the added benefit of discretion. Unlike a vape or an oil, CBD sweets are easily mistaken for regular sweets and can be eaten virtually anywhere without comment. If you find yourself in a public space or just a place where you’re likely to draw ire for your CBD enjoyment, the odds of a small packet of innocuous sweets being commented on is minimal.

Are CBD Edibles Vegan?

This isn’t a strict requirement of CBD sweets, but it is a surprisingly good way to measure how dedicated a brand is to their CBD sweets. Conventional gummy recipes use gelatine and other animal products to make their sweets, so any CBD group branching out into CBD sweets is likely to use these recipes for their first products. If a company has made the choice to invest in vegan-friendly methods of producing CBD sweets, then odds are they’re prepared to put that extra effort into them. Aside from opening up their product to more people, vegan CBD sweets suggest a higher level of quality and a greater time investment from the manufacturer. For Vegan Friendly sweets look no further. 


Dosing is an important part of taking any CBD product, ensuring that you feel the effects of the CBD without going overboard. Because all legal UK CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC the risks of overdosing are virtually nil, but it is still a risk to your health, not to mention a waste of perfectly good product. When figuring out your dosage we always encourage you to refer back to the FSA guidelines on CBD use and to never exceed the limit of 70mg a day.

Personal taste, not to mention the strength of the sweets, is a big part of determining dosage for your CBD sweets. In many cases trial-and-error is the best way forwards, starting with relatively small doses and working your way up over time to a level you’re comfortable with. It’s important to remember that CBD edibles take longer to come into effect than a CBD oil or E-liquid, so be patient when taking your CBD sweets and give them the time to come into full effect.

All of our Orange County CBD sweets contain a general dosage guide and a specific breakdown of the product’s CBD contents, helping you to figure out exactly how much you’ll need to get the most out of them.


So, we’ve addressed what exactly CBD sweets are, why they’re so popular with customers and manufacturers, what you should be looking for in a CBD sweet and a rough introduction to properly dosing them. To recap:

  • CBD sweets are some of the most popular CBD edibles available, mostly for their wide range of flavours and intensities, plus the benefit of their discretion and ease of dosage.
  • When shopping for CBD sweets, always check the quality of the manufacturer, the ingredients and the clarity of dosage information.
  • CBD sweets take longer to come into effect than other CBD products, so give them time to take effect before you take any more or write them off as not for you.
  • Be aware of how many you’re taking and the accumulative dosage. Don’t exceed the 70mg a-day limit set by the FSA, no matter how delicious the gummy bears are.

CBD sweets are a staple of the UK CBD market, found just about everywhere and with as much choice as regular sweets. Gummies are enjoyed by people the world over so why not try one of our grab bags 

Hopefully our guide here has helped to give you a couple of pointers in the right direction, if you have more questions just give us a call.