Vaporesso Powershop Awards 2020

Andy's Vape Shop won an award at the annual Vaporesso Powershop Award Ceremony in December 2020. We were given the Promo King award for being one of the top 5 brand promotors from all of the International Powershops.

Not only did we get a trophy we were sent a 40in TV! Its great to be recognised for all of the effort that we have put into promoting the Vaporesso Brand and Products over the last year. 

What is Vaporesso Powershop? A POWER SHOP is a specially selected vape shop that we feel are at the top of the game. Power Shops will receive extra goodies directly from Vaporesso in the form of marketing materials, new products, sponsorships, etc. in exchange for a partnership that provides feedback to Vaporesso as an ambassador. Power shops will be expected to use their influence to help spread positive brand awareness about Vaporesso and our products. To do so, Vaporesso will help the power shops by supplying several marketing materials and support.

Vaporesso Powershop if open to all vape shops so if you want to know more about joining please get in touch and I'll be happy to refer you.